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Update from ACER

Volker Zuleger, ACER

Hoarding in intraday markets

Daniël Leliefeld, Northpool B.V

Facilitating access to energy financial markets: A follow-up on related EU issues

Christina Tarnanidou, Athens University

Algorithmic trading in the energy markets – Best practices to stay compliant

Petra Hirch, Uniper

Energy trading contract drafting, best practices

Anya Bisseur, Statkraft

Our journey to MiFID II regulatory implementation

Ian Murrin, Digiterre

Geoff Galbraith, Man Group

Rise of DLTs and blockchain - impact of smart contracts

Brett Hillis, ReedSmith

Blockchain and other DLTs: dissecting the regulatory impact

Peter Krusaa Orsted

Fidelity's journey with RPA

Adam Briggs, Fidelity

Ketan Kothari, Blue Prism


Severine Turgis, Energy UK

Jan Haizmann, EFET

EMIR's review

Ricardo Rossi, Centrica

Developments in the FinTech sector: how could the energy trading sector benefit and engage?

Volinka Augustenborg, Orsted

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